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Microsoft Excel Test 1

Test Instructions
You should have Excel open and a blank spreadsheet visible to do this test.  You should not use notes or books.  Only use Excel and its associated help files.
Answers: Are displayed using white text so they are not immediately visible. If you select the text, as if you were going to copy it, on the Answer line, it will appear.


1. A user wishes to remove a spreadsheet from a workbook. Which is the correct sequence of events that will do this?

a. Go to FILE - SAVE AS - SAVE AS TYPE - Excel 4.0 Work Sheet
b. Right click on the spreadsheet tab and select DELETE
c. Right click on the spreadsheet and select INSERT - ENTIRE COLUMN

Answer = b

2. What is the keyboard shortcut (button or buttons to be pressed) for creating a Chart from the selected cells?

a. F3
b. F5
c. F7
e. F9
f. F11
g. F13

Answer = f

3. Which formula can add the all the numeric values in a range of cells, ignoring those which are not numeric, and place the result in a different cell?

a. Count
b. Average
c. Sum

Answer = c

4. Which of these will NOT select all the cells in a document?

a. Clicking three times with the right mouse button in the spreadsheet
b. Using the Edit - Select All menu item
c. Pressing CTRL + A on the keyboard

Answer = a

5. When you see a cell with a red triangle in the top right corner, what does this signify?

a. There is an error in the cell
b. There is a comment associated with the cell
c. The font colour for text in the cell is red
d. A formula cannot be entered into the cell

Answer = b

6. Which of the following buttons on the Excel toolbar will format selected cells so that they appear as currency values?



Answer = a

7. Which of the following will NOT set text in selected cells to ITALICS?

a. Pressing CTRL + I on the keyboard
b. Using the Tools - Wizard - Web Form menu item
c. Using the Format - Cells - Font menu item

Answer = b

8. Is it possible to insert an image from a file into an Excel spreadsheet?

a. Yes
b. No

Answer = a

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